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Images of the agricultural worlds in society: the state of shock (...)

Images of the agricultural worlds in society: the state of shock (…)

July 2019. Nearly 160 people were seated under the tent of the 25th European Controversy, which was established that year at Jean Jaros Park in Berkeley. During the event, two days of discussions and exchanges without a mask or priorities to identify new forms of agriculture, the intensification of conditions in an environment and marked lively controversies were marked.

In short, another world – some would say that it existed before the cove and then the water flows under the bridges. Not so much … If the Acrobiology Mission chooses to publish the processes of this edition in June 2021, they are page by page, outlining the discussions that are now taking place in space. In general, new ideas from the general sense of bashing reproduce, not forgetting the representations of nature or theories of decline, the ambiguity of the organic image.

In an environment where the mind is shaped like the facts of the figure, these actions should be practiced without the moderation of free downloads.

July 2019, Download Laws of the 25th European Controversy

In short

Tuesday, July 19, 2019. Focus on the pictures

Issued by Laura Martin-Meyer & Camille Ghost, Trainees in the Acrobiology-Inre Mission.

Round table. These minorities are shocked because it comes from the majority, which is a unique situation.

With Bertrand Herview, Jean-Daniel Levy, Albert Masot-Marty

Reactions. In such a difficult world, there is still hope.
Mark Chaplard, Don Sismos, Germinal Bureau

Expansion with the general. We are not helping to give a good image of ourselves

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Lighting. The weight of imagination.

With Matthew Gervice and Elsa Delano

Expansion with the general. The business sector holds the key to our imagination

Focus. Organic, will it be regular soon?
Jean-Luc Pongiovani, Anne Rugemer, Benoit Lerux

Expansion with the general. Specifications overload

Intervention. Give meaning to the future of our agriculture.

Wednesday July 20, 2019 Traumatic effects

Round table. From glyphosate to animal husbandry, media and political therapy.
Sylvester Hought, Antoine Messiah, Eddie Fougier, Pascal Hebel

Expansion with the general. Everyone wants to hit their ass

Round table. Improved alliances.
Jean-Martial Morale, Rene Lea, Dominic Oribert, Lionel Delvaux.

Expansion with the general. Conversation is more than agreement.

Contributions. Six testimonies in search of substance.
Arnaud BORGEOIS, Jacques Chevrolet, Jean-Paul Landau, Francis Cadellen, Herv டெ Telege, Didier Bertoli

Round table. Except for the family structure.
Paula Dolce, Bruno Macias, Agnes Papon

Expansion with the general. Unusual call for air

Great Witness. Stop being defensive and take your destiny in hand!
Caste Lahlo

Expansion with the general. Rat, meat and local