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IMac 2021: Apple's big secret

IMac 2021: Apple’s big secret

Tension is rising, and everyone wants to finally see the new iMac 2021, but Apple is still making a big secret. The following draft raises expectations for Apple’s new all – in – one computer.

In IMac Provided some surprises in recent years. Although updated Apple All-in-one inside the computer, but the format remained the same. On the one hand, it ensures value retention, on the other hand, boredom arises sooner or later. But throughout this year, experts have long agreed: The iMac 2021 Will be together New shell To get.

No one has seen it yet, but reports from informants are similar – Elements IPod Pro (Short display frame) is therefore a symbiosis with the structure of the suite Pro Display XDR a. The Italian design student can help those who can not yet imagine what this means Alberto Robicardi in the tabs. Both Design We need a possibility Presentation of the new iMac 2021 Show who the first Imag is Apple’s own chips Is. Except for one An ambitious craft project of a tinker, Apple was already expecting.

IMac 2021: Mac Mini Drift Pro Display XTR

Image: Alberto Robicardi

On top of that At first glance Comment is coming A bit clumsy So – a shock. To put it bluntly, a Mac Mini married a Pro Display XTR. But the looks are deceptive The grace of design Shows above all From different angles. Then the aha-effect suddenly sets in.

Image: Alberto Robicardi

Adorable Of View of the “rear part” And at the side waist. The actual computer platform is no longer rough and almost unattractive.

Image: Alberto Robicardi

If there is a way to Robicardi, the customer can choose between one 24 inch and 28 inch model Choose. He is quiet about the resolution, but already 4K and 5K may be the minimum in technical data.

Image: Alberto Robicardi

Imac is inherited Simple position link. If you prefer, you can use Vesa adapters and hang them on the iMac wall or attach them with alternative swivel weapons. Clever: Imac can also be used as an outdoor display, a feature that has been desired for many years.

Image: Alberto Robicardi

The Links Can be found on the computer site, i.e. on the foot, and should not be left unattended. There was even room for old USB-A ports.

This iMac Almost 20 years old? Cannot be, OK:

The mouse needs it …

Self Keyboard and mouse Get redesigned. We don’t really want to trust the touch bar. Apple wants them Get rid of it on future MacBooks. So why reintroduce them to iMac first? Redesigned Magic Mouse, which is highly desirable You no longer have to lie on your back to charge. The design shown here finally eliminates this “eye sight”.

Image: Alberto Robicardi

We still see only a draft here, but Apple’s new iMac will be available soon Really to be admired. No one looks Apple event in March Not completely ruled out, but let’s do one later Release date is May or June Expect.