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Warson: How to fix "extension copying" error

Warson: How to fix “extension copying” error

Call of Duty: If you get a screen when Warson starts copying your computer files (usually up to about 28 GB) before you start the game, here is the solution to apply.

Warson Reloaded Patch plays live. Of course, the arrival of a new sniper shooter and various operators thrilled the community.

Unfortunately, who says patch error, we worked with this update! An invisible bug, for example, returned after this connection and was later fixed on the same day.

But the bug that really interests us here is very specific. This occurs again from “Copy of current extension” Warson.


Because Rose’s skins are not enough, players may remain invisible until last night.

Fix “Copy of current expansion” bug in Warson and modern Warfare

This bug is effective, reinstalling the 28GB update every time the game starts. For some, the error completely stops them from playing at stopping at a random percentage of updates.

To get rid of this error we have found a solution for those who have access to the game:

  • You must wait for the first installation.
  • Once you enter the game, go to the Modern Warfare tab.
  • Select “Campaign”.
  • You will be asked to download several packages before accessing the feature.
  • Download “Campaign Pack 1” and “Campaign Pack 2” (these are small files of about 1MB each)
  • Restart the game.

If this solution does not work, or you can not access the Warson menu, do not hesitate to try regular solutions in this kind of case.

  • Clean your disk.
  • Restart your internet connection.
  • Uninstall the game completely.
  • Reinstall all the files.

This is the “Copy extension improvement” error.

Explanation of error

During the last Warson update, the game automatically decided to uninstall many of the packages you had previously downloaded to save space. The packages they uninstalled created this problem.

Unfortunately, this solution is not stupid. But it has worked for many players. We hope Activation responds quickly to this very annoying error.

Feel free to download the rumored (unverified) extra system packages to improve the stability of this link.