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Iliad customers cheated.  Here is a fake page that looks like Iliad but it is not

Iliad customers cheated. Here is a fake page that looks like Iliad but it is not

Iliad fraud

Another scam Another scam, repeated on Elliott. Back here at 4Fan we report scams and traps associated with the Elliott brand, a brand that has always been famous for putting dangerous traps on the internet. Why do cybercriminals often use the name Iliad to deceive users? Simple, Iliad rhymes with honesty and transparency from its zero day. So it is easy to bite the poor unfortunate ones on the fake Iliad side. It goes without saying that the fraud of the moment affects both users, but Elliott himself is affected, not knowing about the insidious system naturally.

What a scam Fake Iliad?

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An online game appears and page offering the latest generation smartphone. This is by all means the trap provided to Iliad customers during these hours within a site like the official Iliad. Same logo, same menu and graphic style. Other than the URL, it is the web address of the site, which is not the actual one used by Iliad.

Sito fake Iliad

Everything is truly reproduced in such a way that the inexperienced user falls with all the shoes. This game allows the user to guess the envelope containing the precious smartphone gift.

Needless to say, out of this fake game, all the winners are really coming out.

And where is the corruption?

Once the user wins the fake smartphone on the fake Iliad site, he is invited to enter his data to get the free phone. However, in the last step, the user is asked to pay a few euros per ship. To do this, of course, you must enter your credit card details. In a few seconds, the unsuspecting client promised that he would browse Iliad’s real site, and his account would be empty. Of course, the gift of any smartphone never reaches the unfortunate navigators who fall into the trap.

Fraud on Iliad

Almost perfect fraud. Because as we said, the reproduction of the Iliad site is done very well and if you do not notice the URL indicated in the browser in the appropriate bar, it looks like it is actually on the official website of the company. To attract customers to the fake site, ads scattered around the network are used, which in this case will always have the Iliad logo.

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What to do if you take fraud

But what if you enter your credit card number on the fake site we reported today? As mentioned, even important figures take a few minutes to be charged. However, if you enter your details and you are not yet affected by the fees, it is time to hurry up and block your card immediately. Each card and each lending institution has a number dedicated to preventing payment methods. After blocking the card, immediately report it to the police or carabiner.

A strong brand, increasingly well-known and always associated with transparency and honesty, is again illegally exploited to reduce the navigator’s level of attention and quickly streamline the tank. We hope the competent authorities will stop them soon.