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Ikea x ASUS products will be displayed with original content

Ikea x ASUS products will be displayed with original content

Last September, we Were talking Short of an interesting deal on paper: a collaboration between Ikea, Via its Chinese branch, and Asus. Little information was available, but we now know more about when the products will be officially delivered tomorrow.

Things are so much more interesting because both brands are so simple. Aggressive designs can be expected with RGB lights, but this is not the case in the end, we will finally have access to more products ROG certified Above all.

On the furniture side, desks and other wardrobe units are distinguished by inscriptions and patterns please For example on legs and handles, apply some comfort accessories such as cushions.

Still, it’s amazing Ikea Highlights parts that might well be on the list Asus : Helmet holder, mouse bungee, seat mat etc. A stabilization will confuse you, but there are products that are simple. Finally, this is the difference between a product Asus And a product Ikea In different colors Asus.

Other products are more original, the image of a modular wall wardrobe system, in a certain sense, accessing a tool storage system. In other words, a lot of things can be done with such a solution.

Asus Ikea

To learn more, two links: EXPreview And Kota Surely Twitter.

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