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iFixit Microsoft: A tool provided specifically for surface devices

Image: iFixit

iFixit’s repair and tool specialists collaborate with Microsoft to sell specialized adaptive tools so that professional repair service providers can better maintain and repair products from the Surface portfolio. For individual users, iFixit is a custom tool.

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As part of the iFixit Pro, the new tool is available to independent repair service providers Own certificate With Some terms, Microsoft Authorized Service Providers, Microsoft Experience Centers and Microsoft Enterprise Customers. Ordinary private users, among other things, can use the tool recommended by iFixit as part of numerous Deaddowns and sell it through the online store. Some repairs, such as a glued display, can be (very) difficult on your own.

OEM tool designed by Microsoft

The new iFixit program initially includes three OEM tools and weights and components. The tool was developed and designed by Microsoft, but production and sales take place via iFixit. The tool is primarily intended for loosening glue and gluing surface devices. The adhesive must be properly loosened and re-applied without damage to neighboring components and set with the correct contact pressure.

The Surface Display Debugging Tool is responsible for loosening the screen and ensuring that it is pushed to the correct depth on the Big Device to separate the display from the frame. The Surface Display Debugging Tool is compatible with Surface Pro 7+, Surface Pro 8 and Surface Pro X.

Determines the depth of tool selection
Determines the depth of tool selection (Image: iFixit)

Mats and weights are included

To properly paste the split screen on the device after repair, there is a surface display binding frame from iFixit, which is only available in two sizes for the Surface Pro 7+ and once Surface Pro 8 and Surface. Pro X. The frame for precision installation of the display is provided with a 12 × 12 inch foam mat with work surface and weight suitable for proper contact pressure.

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The Surface Laptop 3, Surface Laptop 4, Surface Laptop Co, Surface Laptop SE and Surface Studio laptop are provided with a Surface battery cover that must be placed on the open device to prevent contact with the motherboard or other sensitive areas.