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Vic-Fezensac: The iCop device evaluates and monitors your performance capabilities

Vic-Fezensac: The iCop device evaluates and monitors your performance capabilities

A spokesman for the University of Toulouse Hospital presented the Icop device. Purpose: To diagnose weaknesses in people over 60 and maintain good health.

A detailed presentation of the Icope device was made by Isabel Carey and Mary Fordo from the Geriatric Center at the University Hospital of Toulouse. The device has been around since the age of 60, presenting a maintenance plan for maintaining autonomy, based on the evaluation and routine monitoring of operational capabilities. The purpose of the ICOP is to identify weaknesses in order to maintain good health for a long time and to make full use of the beautiful moments of life.

Then, a presentation on the procedures for downloading the iGope Monitor application to your phone, tablet, or computer took place. The iCop device should do a simple test (series of questions) in 8 minutes and do it alone. At the end of the test, depending on the results, personal care may be proposed with a healthcare professional or attending physician. It is noteworthy that the Deputy Mayor in charge of social affairs, Carolyn Quilins, thanked the speakers and participants.

“Watch me […] Live as I wish “

At the end of the presentation, about 10 people underwent personal tests with a healthcare professional, each of whom was cared for individually. Others downloaded the application at home and chose to use the brochure they were given to do the tests at home. “The important thing is to see myself with Icop to continue to live the way I want to,” says one volunteer.

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To learn more about the device you should visit the website: You can invite readers to browse this site and download the free Icope app. After all, do not hesitate to do experiments. The speakers also talked about the use of the mobile processor Höra for the scientifically verified auditory monitoring test.