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How to download and install Optify 1.16.5?  - Breakflip

How to download and install Optify 1.16.5? – Breakflip

Surely Minecraft, Can improve the graphics and functionality of the game by installing various additional content.

Among these third-party contents to add to Minecraft, Optimize Is very popular. Optify improves many features of Minecraft: In addition Shaders, Connected structures And variations, options Particles, Hats… It is a complete tool and often required.

Is the concept installer optimal?

You need to be optimized to install Java on your computer. If not, you need to download Java.

Install Java

If you already have one, you can skip this step.

>>>>> Java site <<<<

need you Click on the red window. A download should start later.

Once downloaded, you are compelled Install Java.


Once Java Once installed, you can proceed with the installationOptimize.

Installer optimized

To establish Optimize, You must first go to the siteOptimize

>>>>> Site D Optify <<<<

You need to download Optimize, Ann Saving the file.


Once Optimize Downloaded, it should run. Your computer does not know what to use by default. You need to right-click on the optimize icon, Open with… and choice Java (TM) operating system SE binary.


Then click Install.


There you go! You have installed Optimize ! You can add other content like shaders that will allow you to significantly improve the aesthetics of your game without much resource!

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