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What are those lights in the sky?

What are those lights in the sky?

Passing through the sky of several glowing dots on Friday evening, May 7, conspired with numerous Internet users. But there are no UFOs on the horizon …

The first news began to appear at 11 p.m. “14 bright dots following each other. Found in Kolar at this time. Military convoy?» Asks Internet user. , Contains one-third.

An Internet user from Lot-ed-Coron was photographed passing Starling satellites above Lot-ed-Coron.

Facebook Screen Shot

But what happened in the Lot-ed-Coronois sky from Friday night 7 to Saturday May 8? The answer is very simple: it is In the passage of the Starling satellites, Global Internet Distribution Program De Elon Musk.

The U.S. Millionaire project began operations in 2019, with the last shipment and the launch of 60 new satellites on May 4. The next launch session is scheduled for Sunday, May 9th. About 1,500 satellites orbit the Earth in a single file.

As can be seen on clear nights, the passing of the “Starling Train” is always a spectacular sight. Areas affected by the event are southwestern France, north of Macreb, as reported by the FindStarling site. Allowed an observation from 22 hours 45 following the “southwest-northeast” route.

Here is the identified “UFO”.

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