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Hundreds of dinosaur tracks were found in a mine

Hundreds of dinosaur tracks were found in a mine

Scientists from the Geographical Institute Poland Found several hundred footprints
Dinosaurs. The discovery was made in a clay mine in Borgovis, 130 kilometers from Warsaw.

These molds, which are 200 million years old, are very well preserved so that the scaly skin of animals can be detected. “In the tracks left by the dinosaurs, you can read their behavior and habits. We have traces of dinosaurs running, swimming, resting and sitting,” said geologist Crescors Nietzsche.

A specimen should be at least 6 meters

Several hundred traces belonging to at least seven species of dinosaurs have been found. In one of these clues we can distinguish nails embedded in the rock, measuring 40 centimeters. The animal should undoubtedly be measured at a height of 6 meters.

According to scientists this site, which contains many other treasures, is not complete. Two hundred rocks containing dinosaur fossils were excavated from the mine for study.

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