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HUMANKIND-OpenDev: Amplitude Studios finally launches playable "Victor" opandev show

HUMANKIND-OpenDev: Amplitude Studios finally launches playable “Victor” opandev show

When Amplitude Studios and Seka Europe announced that the release date of Humankind, the historical strategy game based on the upcoming twist, had been postponed from April 22 to August 17, the studio received a number of questions from players. The release will give humanity a chance to play again. The answer is definitely yes!

From today, every player who buys the game in advance at the Steam or Epic game store can access “Victor” Opende and play with Stone Age as the incarnation of Victor Hugo in the early modern era or up to 150 rounds – whichever comes first.

What is OpenDev?

Amplitude Studios believes that the best games should involve their players at every stage of the development process. For the past few months, the team behind Humanity has been giving players access to target areas of the game for feedback through game polls and G2G forums.

What’s new in “Victor” OpenDay?

The last few changes from last December’s “Lucy” -Opandev are integrated. In the current “Victor” OpenDay, participants play with a lot of water on the new map, so things are more focused on sea games (maps are roughly created in the game when released).

Many changes have been made based on feedback from Amplitude Studios received during the “Lucy” Openday, and the team is pleased that players now have the opportunity to reconsider these changes.

More information is available at the Amplitude Studios Developer Blog:
The Amplitude Studios team is grateful for the support of gamers and fans and is looking forward to the release of Mankind for PC on August 17, 2021.

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HUMANKIND for PC will be released on August 17, 2021 Extensively designed, eco-friendly and 100% recyclable Panorama Art Box (Day One Edition) with attractive bonus content and visually appealing steel case variant (limited edition) and Steam, Stadia and Epic Sports Store.

HUMANKIND can already be pre-ordered in stores.

More information about humanity is available here, Or Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram Effects. More information about Sega Europe is available here

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