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Hu Tao - Nert 4. Revealed a new character called Life

Hu Tao – Nert 4. Revealed a new character called Life

Surprise announced a New writing of Kensh’s impact, Called Hu Tao. This is Wangsheng’s seventy – seventh director of the funeral, and he bears enormous responsibilities related to the passing. The revelation of the character introduced a special teaser trailer, which you can see at the bottom of the news, and some pictures, attached with tweets below.

Not much is known about Hu Tao. There are many characters in the game who talk about it and describe it Incredible. There’s even a tweet from the official Jenshi attack account that calls you not to trust her. Obviously this should be one of its basic characteristics.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Should not be more thanUpdate, But the exact date has not been released. Despite this, fans of the game already seem to be mad at him, giving him millions of views on YouTube.

Before leaving, we remind you that Jenshi’s impact is a game Free to play Available for PC, PS4 and mobile systems. However, the PS5 and Nintendo Switch versions will also be launched soon, although it is not yet known when this will happen.

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