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660K Connecticut Residents Download Communication Tracking Apps - NBC Connecticut

660K Connecticut Residents Download Communication Tracking Apps – NBC Connecticut

Officials say 660,000 Connecticut residents signed up to receive warnings when they were close to positive tests for COVID-19, but registering a positive case will not happen immediately.

“We have implemented this in about 20% of the total population of the state, which gives us more than the critical mass we need to function from a public health perspective,” said Josh Kebelle, CEO of Government Net Lamonds.

But registering a positive case is complicated and does not happen immediately.

“It depends on how fast the labs get test results. It usually happens very quickly,” Cabley said.

Geepale said the average turning point was 24 to 48 hours after the test was administered. It then goes to the contact tracking database, and one of the state’s 750 contact tracks gets the person who tested positive.

“They still get almost 100% of the cases within 48 hours,” Zebale said.

The Govt Alert CD, the state’s official disclosure notification system, is now available for Apple and Android.

Contact Tracer will ask a series of questions – including identifying who the positive person might be in contact with – if they are actively using the state’s contact tracking app. If so – they will ask the positive user to enter a one time code on their phone.

“So 85 people got the code on their phone from a contact tracer,” Kepale said.

He said they did not know how many announcements were coming out of those 85 people.

As soon as we get results, contact tracking can start, “we get more than 75% of those test results within 48 hours,” he said.

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“This is a 48-hour window where people can send others, right? So time is of the essence, ”said Paulo Verardi, a virologist at Yukon.

Verardi said it is also important to remember that a person can be infected with the virus within 48 hours of waiting for their test results.

Yvette Heismith-Francis, regional vice president with the Community Health Center, Inc., says they are doing their best to keep up with test demand, which is on the rise.

“If people are tested by Monday, they should know the results for Thursday,” Heismith-Francis said.