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The remake has a release date – Nerd 4. Life

Buncer Dragon II Two: Remake No date yet Exit But at least the year of publication is established, viz 2021Is the publisher responsible for the production of this remake, according to Forever Entertainment.

Continuing to work with the Buncer Dragon remake that revived the first episode of Worship Comrade Seka, the Buncer Dragon II Sway: remake presents itself in a profound way Technical restructuring The original creation of Dragon Shooter, the talented team of Andromeda, which was released on Sega Saturday in 1996.

Structure and Sports They must be the same as the original, meaning it will shoot “on track” in an object. In the game, the protagonist Lundy flies over his dragon logi, controlling the player’s intent to shoot different types of fire towards enemies.

Puncher Dragon II Sway: The remake was announced in December 2018 with a remake of Puncher Dragon or a remake of the first episode. The Buncer Dragon remake was released on Nintendo Switch in March 2020, and then released depending on the sites in different months, while the Buncer Dragon II Sway: remake has not yet had a release date, but as recently announced by the publisher it is still expected by 2021, so we are waiting for an exact date in the next period.

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