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HP Envy x360 (13-bd0055nf) Review: A Practical and Attractive 2-in-1 Oled Ultraportable

HP Envy x360 (13-bd0055nf) Review: A Practical and Attractive 2-in-1 Oled Ultraportable

The slightly gold colored aluminum chassis gives this PC a slightly different but elegant aesthetic. The hinges that allow the screen to rotate 360 ​​look solid and the transition to tablet position is very fluid. The HP Envy x360 can be used as a tablet or as a standard computer for playing videos or presenting programs in “tent” mode.

The hinges allow the screen to rotate 360.

The touchpad is very responsive and the keyboard is nice to use. The backlight is adjustable in three levels and has fixed keys with a function to disable your microphone, and another for the webcam, which comes with a small cover to hide it when activated. It only shoots at 720p and its image quality is very low, especially in low light. This is unfortunately not compatible with Windows Hello, but a useful fingerprint reader is embedded next to the arrow keys on the keyboard.

The keyboard is nice to use.

The keyboard is nice to use.

In low light.
In a well-lit office.

The thinness of the chassis (1.6 cm) helped with the choice of two “pull-in” USB-A 3.2 ports on the sides of the HP PC. Next to it is a USB-C Thunderbolt 4 port, as well as a microSD card reader and a mini-jack socket. The use of a microSD reader is highly “contextual” and requires the use of an adapter to obtain an HDMI connector. WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0 are supported.

PC connection.

Access to the components is complex, which is a shame. Remove the long bottom rubber pad under the PC to expose the three Phillips screws, while the two screws already visible are of the Darks type. Once the adhesive is removed from the components, we see that the RAM is soldered, but the M.2 SSD can be replaced. It is protected by a metal plate to control the heat. The battery can be easily replaced once the Phillips screws are removed.

M.2 SSD and battery replaceable.

M.2 SSD and battery replaceable.

Despite having a fan, the heat is nice and completely cool, since the maximum in the center of the keyboard is only 39.3 C. Noise is low at full heat emitted by ventilation. Since our sound level is 34.8 dB per meter, it is still acceptable on a daily basis.

The PC does not overheat.

The screen of the Envy x360 has a very classic full HD definition (1920 x 1080 px), but it is equipped with an OLED panel (60 Hz). A technology we often encounter in laptops, but it is now clearly in the minority. It brings some significant advantages with infinite variance ratio and zero stability. On the other hand, there is no color accuracy: the delta E specified in 5.2 exceeds the recommended limit of 3. It is therefore essential to measure its screen using a probe for best results. The average color temperature of 6300K, on ​​the other hand, is close to the video standard.

Good point for maximum brightness of 426 cd / m², which exceeds the value declared by HP and is absolutely perfect in absolute terms. The relatively thin borders of the screen give an occupancy rate of 82.2% above our average. Alas, the touch screen is very reflective (average 51.9% reflection), which slightly affects its rating.

From left to right, gamma curve, color temperature and delta E.

From left to right, gamma curve, color temperature and delta E.

The 13.3-inch HP NV x360 is ultraportable. Its total dimensions of 30.65 x 19.46 x 1.64 cm allow it to be carried anywhere without any problems. As it can be converted into a tablet it is very versatile and can be used during travel. Weighing 286 grams its magazine does not take up much space, but it is proprietary, which is a shame.

The charger is compact, but proprietary.

The charger is compact, but proprietary.

In terms of autonomy, the PC works fine with Netflix, screen 200 cd / m² and headphones lasting 8 hours and 40 minutes at 50% volume. This is not ideal either, as other computers can easily take up extra hours.

Strong points

  • Design and build quality.

  • Versatility of 2-in-1 design.

  • OLED screen.

  • Nice headphone jack.

Weak points

  • Screen without color accuracy.

  • Reflective tile.

  • It is difficult to disassemble a PC.

How does the ranking work?

The 13-inch HP NV x360 (13-bd0055nf) is a PC for those who need a portable PC anywhere. Thanks to the 360 ​​° rotating screen, it can be converted into light, sleek and tablet, which is really versatile, although its use is limited to office automation. When leaving the factory, it is fitted with a noticeable Oled panel, even if it is not properly calibrated. So it is an excellent ultraportable, but with a little caution about the difficulties of accessing the components when needed.

Supplementary notes

  • Construction

  • Performance

  • Screen

  • Audio

  • Movement / Autonomy

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