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How (un) the sub-display camera is clear

Hidden front camera in front of the display 2 minute step

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 dares to access the auxiliary display camera. Can hidden front camera be an alternative to punch holes, notch etc?

For a long time, major manufacturers have been fighting fierce competition for the best and vague solution for implementing the front camera in current smartphones. Newer flagships should have shorter display bezels and the screen-to-body ratio specified on the packaging should be as high as possible.

Peak days seem to be numbered, but punch-hole solutions and retractable cameras may be a temporary solution: the latest trend is heading in the right direction Auxiliary display camerasThat means taking photos through the front cameras or the translucent display area that is on the front or on the actual screen. It is the first smartphone with this technology ZTE Action20Its sub-display camera is sometimes clearly visible, especially with bright image content.

Modified pixel matrix of sub-display camera (fold 3)

The modified pixel array (taken with the Find X3 Pro’s microscope camera on the right) can be seen in the light image content

Samsung is now daring on its own initiative with an auxiliary display camera Galaxy Fold3. Even here, the changed pixel matrix in the front camera area is clearly visible with the light background, for example in the menu. Leo, the editor currently working on the test report for the Galaxy Fold 3, realizes it However, the same picture does not bother, Should be a little different in everyday life Rarely noticed.

Optical implementation of the under-display camera leaves little room for improvement at Samsung, although it is a much more ambiguous solution than previous Punch-hole or Deotrop-Notch variants.

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For selfies, folder 3 (right) users will use an external front camera or main camera

On the technical side, hidden front cameras are not yet fully developed: it is ZTE Action20 Can’t deal with exposure and offers pale and sometimes blurry selfies. Further Galaxy Fold 3’s under-display camera only triggers with 4 megapixels And does not give confidence to the selfie in breathtaking quality.

But despite the weak front camera recordings being a nuisance in the ZTE approach, Samsung can save itself with the folding concept. The foldable smartphone has a second front camera on the cover display, which is at least 10 MP. The main triple camera can also be used for selfies when fully extended. Inside there will probably be a camera under the display Primarily for video calls Used.

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