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How travelers can emphasize their demands: The day goes by

How travelers can emphasize their demands: The day goes by

After a two-day train drivers’ strike in Deutsche Bahn, affected passengers should be notified as soon as possible. For example, it is questionable if a train is canceled due to a strike on Wednesday or Thursday or if it arrives too late to its destination. If the company does not accept compensation, an arbitral tribunal may assist.

Heinz Cleve, executive director of the Public Passenger Transport Arbitration Council (SÖP) in Berlin, says: “Immediate action is recommended, even if passengers have a one-year grace period to return their ticket in accordance with legal terms.” According to the expert, the complaint should be responded to within a month. In the eyes of many of the victims, it will “definitely take longer” until the money is returned to the customer.

The amount of compensation depends on the specific delay

The train drivers’ union GDL went on a nationwide strike in passenger transport from August 11 to 13, each with a start and end of the strike at 2 p.m.

According to Deutsche Bahn, customers who do not make the booked trip during this strike period can get their ticket cost refunded. If passengers have started a delayed and canceled trip, they will get compensation. The amount depends on the length of the delay.

If passengers reach their destination 60 minutes later than planned, they will be refunded 25 percent and 50 percent more than 120 minutes. So it is in Passenger rights. If passengers delay their journey by more than 60 minutes, they can get a full refund.

Complaints are also useful for season ticket holders

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A complaint would also be helpful to season ticket holders. For this purpose, Deutsche Pan offers flat-rate compensation for delays of more than one hour. Refunds can be made for unbooked places, food and lodging expenses, or for travel on other modes of transport.

Victims should have relevant documents to submit requests at the DP counter or online Passenger Rights Form Can be stressed. Note that no less than four euros will be paid. Deutsche Ban says customers can choose between a voucher and payment if compensation occurs.

If there are problems with the complaint, consumers can, for example, contact SÖP to get one online Request for arbitration “Our lawyers, all experts in passenger rights, investigate the case and make sure passengers get their rights as soon as possible,” says Cleve. This service is free to consumers. (dpa)