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How to win Euro Millions?  - Parisian

How to win Euro Millions? – Parisian

I ‘Euro Millions It takes place twice a week: Tuesday and Friday. Organized in nine European countries it is a balancing game like Lotto. To win the jackpot, players must successfully guess the combination of the approximately seven numbers selected. The base amount activated by the FDJ during EuroMillions is 17 million euros, but it increases with each draw without a big winner. It could reach over 200,000 million euros when it has not been claimed for several months. All French adults can try their luck by filling a stage available from 2.50 euros. Second, everyone must choose at least five numbers between 1 and 50, and two stars between 1 and 12. Additional options can increase wins during a win. Each EuroMillions phase is assigned a My Million code. Drawed approximately one hour before revealing the successful combination, this code could bring its owner மில்லியன் 1 million. Here are some tips to help you win Euro Millions.

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To win Euro Millions, you have to play first

To become a multi-millionaire with EuroMillions, you must first try your luck. If you like to play, you will find grids on the paper version at authorized FDJ sales points. Players wishing to participate in the EuroMillions Draw directly from their computer can connect to After creating an account in their name, they will gain access to many online games, including the popular European lottery. As a reminder, only adults are allowed to gamble. Also, the FDJ will ask you for various credentials before reclaiming your winnings online. On smartphones and tablets, Do not hesitate to download the FDJ app. Secure, the latter greatly facilitates navigation on mobile devices. Once connected, you only have to go to the interface dedicated to EuroMillions to fill your grills, which will sell for 50 2.50 each, regardless of platform. To pay for your participation online, do not forget to transfer enough money to your FDJ Virtual Kit. Don’t forget that some extra benefits like Star + Option will allow you to maximize your success during the win, and increase the chances of being one of the winners along with all the rankings.

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Multisance pack, a new way to play together

Join other participants in MultiChances packs and place the discrepancies on your page. These packages with 660 or 1260 grids and their ink million codes are sold to players in stock. Buy one, two, five or ten shares and wait for the day of the draw. Once the successful merger is revealed, the winnings through the Multisance Pack will be grouped together and distributed equally to its owners according to the amount they have invested. When a pack is not fully used, it will still play fully.

Multiply your income with Star + Option

The Star + option is available from 1 Euro for every EuroMillions stage. If one or two stars are found, this option will allow you to get more hits, thus increasing your probability of success to 1 in 4. In fact, usually, a grid with only a good star is not worth it to its owner. . However, if the latter checked the Star + option, he would still get 2.50 euros. Similarly, only two stars can earn him about $ 10. Until it reaches 4000 euros the winning amount also increases according to the number of additional numbers found with the stars.

Play with the contradictions with EuroMillions stats

At, you will find many resources that will allow you to learn more about EuroMillions. The official site of La Française des Jeux offers you the opportunity to download various histories of tracks. You can enjoy doing probability calculations. In the dedicated section Euro million figures, You will find two tables: “Palmarase Numbers” and “Palmarase Etoils”. These will allow you to keep track of frequently drawn numbers and their most recent release dates. However, keep in mind that this data does not guarantee success in any way and is provided for informational purposes only.

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Major drawbacks to avoid

Since EuroMillions is a Random Draw Game, there is no other way to guess the successful combination except by chance. Be wary of online offers, which sometimes reveal future success numbers for a certain amount: these are always scams. While ticking over seven numbers to stimulate your chances of success is inspiring, be aware that there are more than 139 million combinations. Often substantial, with each additional number selected, the chances of this cost being profitable are low. Instead, offer options and distribute your numbers across multiple stages.

How to restore your success?

You have EuroMillions wins, but do not know how to monetize them? If you participate online, the winning amount will be automatically transferred to your virtual kit. You can use this to pay for your next EuroMillions installments or to request a transfer to your bank account. Those who played at FDJ Point of Sale must travel again to collect their wins. If the winning amount is more than 30,000 euros, go directly to the FDJ Payment Center. For over 500,000 euros, contact the Winners Relations Department.

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Info: Playing Risks Includes: Isolation, Dependence … Call 09 74 75 13 13 (non-high cost) if you need help.