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How to view Rai 4K in digital terrestrial?  That’s where the active is

How to view Rai 4K in digital terrestrial? That’s where the active is

We explained a few days ago Like watching the Roy show in 4K Via satellite Rai 4K. Not everyone knows that Roy 4K can be seen in digital terrestrial, but not everywhere.

According to official documents, Rai broadcasts 4K test based on Valle D’Aosta and parts of Turin DVB-T2 version of UHD channel.

If you are in any of the areas in question, Connect RAI Mux 5, Which is only available on Valle D’Aosta and Piedmont and broadcasts from the center of Gerdaz to UHF 53 on Valle D’Aosta, and from Eremo and Monte Capra to VHF 11 on Piedmont in Turin.

The programming is different than the satellite number, which delivers different types of content. Also, for a few years Rai 4K is always broadcast Unlike before, terrain and satellite transmissions take place on 4K HDR HLG.

However, Rai is also available in 4K streaming Roy TV + service What we talked about in these pages a few days ago is, unfortunately, not much known in Italy. It is a platform integrated with HbbTV, a hybrid service that allows access to interactive functions in digital terrestrial.

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