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How to upload avatars in VR chat

How to upload avatars in VR chat

Image via VR chat

If you have created or received a custom avatar for your VR chat profile, you will want to display it. Before you can do that, you need to bring your new avatar into the game. Although this process may seem a bit difficult, uploading your first avatar can be a little helpful.

Once your avatar files are ready, it’s time to start the upload process. Like most add-ons that gamers want to add to the game, you will need to download additional software to bring your content into the game. Fortunately, VR chat is really suitable for users and their players want to upload some creative new avatars.

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Here’s how to get your avatar in the game:

  • Click here to download SDK3-Avatars.
  • Click here to download the current version of Unity.
  • Start a unit and create a new project.
  • Drag the SDK3-Avatars file to the Source area.
  • Drag the Avatar file into the box, along with the necessary property files, such as shaders.
  • Go to the Generator tab and click “Create and Publish”.
  • Enter the name and description of the new avatar and check the matching boxes.
  • Tap Download, it may take a few minutes, but your avatar will be ready to use soon.

Although it may seem like a lot of steps at first, it is a pretty streamlined process. The biggest hurdle is the time it takes to download the required programs and your avatar file.

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