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How to start and grow fast?

How to start and grow fast?

For many years now, the consumer buying journey has been constantly changing. Now, many of them are coming to the internet to search, compare and buy their products. By 2020, online sales in France will reach 112 billion euros, according to Favat. They also won 1.5 million additional buyers compared to 2019.

Faced with this change in consumption patterns, more and more brands are choosing this distribution channel exclusively to take their first steps. Known as the Digital Native Vertical Brands (DNVB), these companies have chosen to enter industries with unprecedented economic model, high penetration rates such as clothing, cosmetics or home.

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DNVBs are very popular for putting customer experience at the center of their priorities. They adopt a direct-to-consumer (DTC) approach, avoiding intermediaries to reduce costs and use direct connection with their customers, thus reducing costs.

Although the DNVB model is appealing to more and more large companies, its implementation faces many challenges. Emagina and Adobe are releasing a white paper that will guide you from DNVP’s concept, to its challenges, to a particular point, to Fullife.

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Succeeds as DNVB

Despite the differences between each DNVB, in design or approach, they all follow a common kinetics. This has allowed them to create a place for themselves along with key players in e-commerce. In these common categories, direct connection with their suppliers. This gives them the ability to quickly update their products when needed or create new ones based on demand or customer feedback.

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Although DNVBs have some physical outlets, they also stand out for their ability to have a strong presence. This is illustrated by the efforts made to create an enriched customer experience. They rely on customer data to get to know customers better and improve the purchase journey. This way, they manage to send the right message at the right time and engage them consistently.

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To keep a strong connection with them, DNVBs are constantly feeding their social networks. They need to manipulate their teeth to set up the brand’s storytelling, guide the acquisition strategy and succeed in creating the oral effect. Each publication is an opportunity to build a strong connection with its audience, but also to gather insights. It is also important to make use of community-generated content (UGC), which is considered highly valued customer feedback. By downloading this white paper, you will learn more about the best practices to follow to start your DNVB.

Facing the challenges that arise

For these young shoots born on the Internet, growth comes with many challenges, including increasing acquisition rates. It is necessary to put a solution to improve them. This requires the use of large amounts of data collected at each stage of the customer journey. User interface (UI), packaging or email marketing represent opportunities to gather relevant information, but tell a story. Through this white paper, Emekina and Adobe reveal how the technology aspect reflects the challenge that goes hand in hand with marketing.

Another big challenge is community development. To maintain a strong brand identity, DNVB must pay particular attention to the production and distribution of content. These are the driving forces behind increasing their audience and their sales. To achieve this, it is also important to build closeness with online customers. This includes listening to what they have to say on social networks and taking their opinions into account. By picking up this white paper, you can find plenty of tips to take you on the path of growth. This includes strategic adjustments such as internationalization, introduction to the physical points of sales or the creation of new product lines.

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The DNVB model is particularly illustrated by the success story Whole life, The first clothing brand for gamers, is defined as the “Gameswear Company”. He reveals how he relied on storytelling and camouflage to deliver an unforgettable experience for clients.

Finally, DNVBs are gradually assembling themselves into the retail landscape and attracting more buyers. Both new brands and large groups have every interest in using their concept and code to stay competitive. Don’t forget to download Adobe and Emakina’s White Paper for all the secrets to DNVB success.