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How to save your Instagram photos?

Instagram Facebook has experienced strong growth since its acquisition and the site now has millions of users. You may be one of them. If so, this folder should be of interest to you as we are going to tell you how to save and download your Instagram photos.

Even if you are motivated to share your best photos on social websites, there is always the risk that they will disappear.

Instagram will make your searches easier

We must always remember that shared content, whatever it is, is not guaranteed to be protected. Instagram, Facebook or even YouTube have no protective role.

This is the reason why it is necessary As always Keep a copy of your content safe. On your phone, on your computer, or on your NAS.

Instagram, for its part, offers two options to make your life easier.

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1 / Enable automatic storage of Instagram photos in the gallery

The first is very obvious. This includes activating on Instagram, allowing the platform to keep a copy of everything you send locally.

Sure, if you do, a copy of all the pictures sent to the platform will be automatically added to your phone’s gallery.

If you add an automatic cloud backup behind it, you will get a small automatic backup system that is completely transparent to use.

To enable this option, follow these steps:

  1. Start Instagram (which is great);
  2. Tap your profile;
  3. Tap the three small lines above;
  4. Go to “Settings”;
  5. Go to “Account”;
  6. Go to “Original Photos”;
  7. Enable the “Copy original photos” option;
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Keep in mind that the procedure is the same for iOS and Android, making sure to keep both versions of its app as close as possible.

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2 / Download shared photos on Instagram

The second option is undoubtedly the most complete and most effective.

This includes asking for a copy of all the content you have shared on the platform on Instagram. All of a sudden, it will allow you to recover old photos taken and shared with your old phones, or it will go back to the time when you did not implement the option we gave you.

However, be careful because the download of this data will not be direct and Instagram will have to compile and group them before sending the download link in the email.

It also indicates that you want to verify that the email address associated with your account is correct.

To download all the photos shared on Instagram, follow these steps:

  1. Open Instagram;
  2. Tap your profile;
  3. Tap the three small lines above;
  4. Go to “Settings”;
  5. Go to “Security”;
  6. Go to “Download Data”;
  7. Verify your email address;
  8. Tap the “Request Download” button;
  9. Enter your password;
  10. Confirm by tapping “Next”;
  11. Tap “Hair”;
  12. Wait patiently to receive the email;

As you can see, retrieving your Instagram content is not that complicated. However, it may be wise to set aside time to save your photos properly. If one day the service decides to close your account, unfortunately your photos will not be restored in advance.

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