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Battlefield 2042 Technical Test: Postponed to PS5, Xbox Party Calls | Xbox One

When Battlefield 2042 Beta Expected for September, which is currently undergoing technical tests specifically on the system. But if you registered on Xbox, you were able to receive your call recently.

Test Battlefield 2042 in advance on Xbox and PC

Battlefield 2042 tech test invitations are out this week and are slowly starting to arrive for registered Xbox players.

The invited PC gamers were already able to spend two days on the battlefield in 2042 and Electronic Arts will be able to gather enough data to launch the game on October 22nd.

But as testing on the consoles is set to begin this weekend, we know there is an important issue with the PS5 version Build Forces developers to cancel testing on PlayStation 5 until the issue is fixed. Developers have already sent notifications to PS5 players. DICE asks PlayStation players to keep an eye on EA’s playtest site so they don’t miss the next one.

For Xbox gamers, the calls are starting to go out, and they can join their PC friends in cross game games starting this weekend. Accessing Forkfield 2042 PlayStations on Xbox can not share the codes shared by email with other players and it will not work.

If you received an email with access, be sure to sign in with the same account you registered with playtests. Also be aware that you are subject to a confidentiality agreement (NDA) which means you will not be able to share any videos or images from the test sessions. If so, EA reserves the right to remove your access to Battlefield 2042 PlayStation, stopping access to its future titles or release for Battlefield 2042!

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To learn about these tests and the beta of the game, take a look Our guide Sign up and find out the details.