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How to play the lost ark before its official release in France?  Follow the guide!

How to play the lost ark before its official release in France? Follow the guide!

Lost Ark is officially scheduled for beta this fall in 2021, with its date still pending. It is already possible to pre-order the game on Steam with an founder pack to enjoy early access to the beta and the official release of the game! How to play Lost Arc in France now? Follow the guide!

Before you go out, it is necessary to follow some of these simple steps and here is how to progress step by step to avoid any disappointment while starting the game!

Step 1: Create an account on

Go to the site the Fr flag and click the link.

Go “Create an accountEnter your email address and your password and tick the box to accept T&C.

Not recommended to register automatically on social networks!

Finally click “Register” and then go to your mailbox to check your registration for account.

This is the end of the first step!

Step 2: Connect your account to Lost Ark Russian

To go to the official website of Lost Ark Russ, click on the following link Once there, click “Register Now” using the translation of the page in your browser bar.

Two choices are possible, or the site will automatically detect your My.Games account, or you must enter your account as shown in the following image.

You must comply with the Terms of Use of the Lost Ark site!

Congratulations! Your account is registered, step 2 ends.

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Step 3: Activate and install a VPN

To start the game from France, you have to pretend that you are connected from Russia, for which nothing can be simpler.

We have selected an easy-to-use guide for this guide: follow the link To enjoy 3 days for free and without registering a bank card, you need to go to the “Free 3 days trial” button.

Create an account, go to your inbox with your email address, download the client (click again in the free 3 days trial) and then install it! Launch the EXITLAG application from your computer. As soon as the application is launched you will be told to deactivate the EEE, answer “yes” and then a second window will open to give you a compensation day following the update of their services and answer “OK”.

You should come to this page.

You will find a search bar on the “Home” page. Here we need to find out first Once available, select your area. I chose for my part RU Moscow 02, Then click the “APPLY ROUTES” button.

The second thing to do with your VPN is to figure it out Lost Arc RU. Once it is found, select the same area as before, ie RU Moscow 02, Then inside TCP ways You can increase the number of gateway servers to improve the delay, here I set it to 4.

To check that everything is ready, you need to activate a red dot as shown in the screenshot below.

The end of this step3

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Step 4: Install the game center and then the lost ark

To play Lost Arc, you need to download the Games Center application

Once uploaded to the site Install it in your game directory. Launch the app, go to the top left and select MY.GAMES Game Center and Application Settings, then System and Automatic Start Option and click “OK”.

The time has come to install the lost ark. To do this, go to the official Russian website: into French by Google Tool, then click the “Download a Game” button.

Once the site starts downloading, the game will appear in your MY.Games GameCenter app and will be sent directly to your library when the download begins.

Like me, if there is a bright red error message above the game image, do not worry, the process is described below:

You will need to restart your computer for this message. Until you play the Russian version of the game, you must always proceed in the following order to start the lost ark:

  1. Restart your computer
  2. Launch your VPN app (see Lost Ark and Red dot under Game Center)
  3. Launch the Game Center app, and then click on Lost Ark

Once the game is downloaded, you can start it directly from the game center!

An additional step is required if your game is to be incorporated into English, which we describe in the article below.

End of Step 4! Good game to you!

The lost ark is not yet available in Europe.

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