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How to install iOS 15 launch candidate today – L’Observateur de Troyes

After the presentation the new iPhone 13 is already official, and coincidentally, we also know the release date of iOS 15. It will be available to everyone this coming Monday 20th September. However, Apple has already released the Golden Master version for developers, which will be presumably identical. To build As the final version.

As usual, install the Golden Master You need to do it from the developer beta channel, So we will explain to you step by step how to do it.

You must first be a developer and install the beta update profile on your iPhone. If you want to take the risk even if you are not a developer, installing this profile on your iPhone is as simple as that.

You can sign in from your iOS device and download the profile directly from here. You select the profile and it will appear directly on your mobile, however you need to confirm it in the settings. The following steps are very simple.

Comment Installer iOS 15 Release Candidate

Once the profile is downloaded, it will ask you to restart the iPhone, we need to go to the software update and download iOS 12. Once the update is complete, you can delete the profile Settings> General And voila, your terminal will be iOS 12. In short:

  • Access beta profiles from your iOS device
  • Download the profile and install from the Settings app.
  • Restart your device.
  • And one Settings> Update Download the software and iOS 15 update.
  • When the update is complete, remove the profile from it Settings> General Return to the standard update channel.
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Remember, you can only install iOS 15 RC if you have a compatible device.