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How To Install Android 12 In Beta On Your Smartphone

How To Install Android 12 In Beta On Your Smartphone

You can now install Android 12 Beta on your smartphone to take advantage of new features of the future version of Google’s Mobile OS. Here’s how to do it.

Android 12 clock when there are no notifications.  // Source: Frontroid

Android 12 clock when there are no notifications. // Source: Frontroid

Android 12 Beta 1 is available, And There are a lot of new things to report. To install the update, you must first verify that you have it One of the 21 compatible smartphones, Then follow the steps we describe in this tutorial.

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Things to know before installing Android 12 Beta

Before going any further, be aware of the precautions to be taken before installing Android 12 Beta on your smartphone. The process is very straightforward, but it is not without its risks. On the one hand, one should expect to encounter various operating errors before using the standard version. After all, this is the principle of the beta phase: detecting malfunctions.

On the other hand, there is a risk that the update will brick your device. Understand: You can no longer use your smartphone. OnePlus has also discontinued its beta program for this reason. So think well to do Backup all your data Before trying the Android 12 beta.

You have been warned.

How to install Android 12 beta

If you do not already have one, sign in with your Google Account in your web browser and then go ahead Dedicated page For the beta program of Android 12.

Join the Android 12 beta

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There, you should see all the manufacturers affected by the beta of Android 12. Click “Get Beta” below the tag you care about.

Source: Frontroid

Source: Frontroid

You will come to a page that introduces you to the beta program.

Android 12 beta program

Android 12 Beta Program // Source: Frandroid

At the bottom of this page, a tab titled “Your Compatible Devices” will show its reference if it is compatible with your smartphone.

Screenshot // Source: Frontroid

Screenshot // Source: Frontroid

All you have to do is press “Activate”. There you are asked to accept the Terms of Use and you are integrated into the beta program. The update will be delivered to your phone instantly as a classic computer connection.

For information, the update weighs in at 1.88GB and you will be asked to plug in your phone or disable power saving mode.

How to get out of the beta of Android 12?

As Google points out, once the update is installed, it is difficult to go back without effect. Of course, you should return to the site dedicated to the beta program and leave it in a few clicks to return to a consistent experience.

However, “If you install a beta version, you can no longer switch to the public version of Android without first erasing all data stored on the device. You may have difficulty resetting the backup. “

Again, you have been warned.