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How to Get Loki's Skin in Fortnight Season 7

How to Get Loki’s Skin in Fortnight Season 7

A new Marvel character to land in Season 7 Fort Knight Battle Royale, Now find out how to play Loki.

Fortnight’s leather texture has been a huge success for many years now, and they have been diversified over the months with many collaborations to revive some fictional characters in the epic games’ Battle Royale.

Recently, we were able to find Rick Sanchez from the Rick & Morty series and Clark Kent from Superman in the new Battle Pass, but the developers didn’t stop there with Season 7.

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Kratos joined the “hunt” during Season 5 of Fortnight’s episode 2.

We also had Marvel characters like Thor, Captain America, Iron Man and many more. Today we see the arrival of Loki at the event of his own series launched at Disney +.

Discover without further delay how to turn yourself into a loggia on Fortnight during Season 7.

How to get Loki’s skin at Fortnight

Loki will therefore be part of the Fortnight Club in July, and subscribers will have direct access to the skin from July 1 with a bonus of 1,000 V-Rupees and other exclusive items.

The exact details of the Epic Games Pack have not yet been released, but you can find a Pack Prop and Picox with its unique skin.

What does loggia skin look like?

Loki’s Fortnight skin for the Fortnight Club for the month of July has finally been officially revealed.

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A Fortnight Club member costs you € 12 to have exclusive skins each month. There is nothing better than equipping and tearing everything up perfectly in Season 7 of Fortnight Battle Royale.