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Longevity revealed, number of hours reaches three digits -

Longevity revealed, number of hours reaches three digits –

In about a month we can finally play Neo: The world ends with you. The Square Enix title allows you to try out the first stages of the game through the demo available on PS4 and Nintendo Switch, but this is clearly only a small taste. How many hours of play can you expect from a full-time job? Published by Square Enix Longevity Video game, talking Three digit numbers.

In an interview with 4Camer, which translates everything from Japanese to Nintendo, sports director Hiroyuki Ido said, “There’s a lot going on in NEO: The World’s End with You, especially compared to the original. 50 ore. ”

The NEO world ends with you

Series director Datsuya Kondo added, “If you are a player who does everything the game offers, you can expect a long lifespan equal to three digits. There is a lot to collect in the game, starting with the writing profiles. There are even some complex battles between the badges. , So you can decorate the alleys of Udagawa. “So NEO: The World’s End With You seems to last a long time. As indicated by the site HowLongToBeat, The original Nintendo DS episode took about 25 hours to complete, but could go from 100% to 100% in 100 hours.

Finally, the world ends with you in NEO’s video Clarity and FBS: PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

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