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Beware, hackers impersonate to distribute a Trojan horse

Beware, hackers impersonate to distribute a Trojan horse

Take a look at the emails you may receive in the coming days. According to security analysts at the asset, the authors of the Trojan horse of the “Grandoro” bank are sending fraudulent emails targeting French Internet users. To achieve their results, they hijack brands from the general public, such as Netflix, Avast and In some of the news that bears the image of our site, hackers actually come forward to download a fake Avost antivirus. Before clicking on anything you should be vigilant and verify the sender’s address properly.

Grantoriro malware has been around since 2017. Initially, it mainly targeted Brazil and Peru. In 2019, it expanded to Mexico and Spain. Its distribution system has also evolved several times. Initially, it was distributed by emails requesting a Java or Flash update. Last year, malware was discovered in fake Govt-19 videos.

Once installed on a computer, it will display fake pop-ups in an attempt to obtain important information, such as bank utility credentials. It is capable of recording keystrokes, redirecting the browser to pre-defined URLs, or restarting the system.

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