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How to get it, what is it for?

How to get it, what is it for?

Covit recovery certificate. People with Covit-19 disease can get a certificate of recovery in the form of a positive test result. This document can be used as proof of obtaining a health permit, and then a vaccination permit can be obtained if it is accepted. Here is all the practical information.

The “Certificate of Recovery” is one of the most widely accepted documents today to obtain your health pass. Vaccine Or negative test). To get it, you must provide a positive result of a PCR or antigen test of more than 11 days and less than 6 months. The Health Pass Plan presented by the government in December 2021 and discussed in the National Assembly in January 2022 does not currently provide any change in this process. In order to obtain a vaccination license, a certificate of recovery must be valid. How is this sesame available and what can it be used for? All the answers are here.

Will the Covit-19 recovery certificate be incorporated into the vaccine pass?

The bill, introduced by the government, paves the way for maintaining a recovery certificate as a means of obtaining a vaccine license, as is the case for a health pass. “Certificate for recovery of proof of vaccine status may be constantly changed”, includes Text of the bill released on December 30, 2021, Which refers to “adaptation issued by order”. Responding to questions from delegates on the same bill, Health Minister Olivier Warren confirmed the matter: “I assure you that the Certificate of Recovery issued for those affected by Govt disease and not yet eligible for vaccination – will be issued. It’s a little different from words related to the pass, which may motivate your intervention, but I guarantee you will take into account the re-employment certificate actually issued in the text. “

What is the Certificate of Recovery from Govt-19?

Certificate of re-employment Govit-19 Includes Covit-19 test for more than 11 days and less than 6 months. This test should be an RT-PCR or antigen test. Self-examinations and serological tests are not accepted. The positive result of this test must be submitted in order to obtain his health pass and to be approved for vaccination tomorrow if the bill is passed.

To get it, go for it SI-DEP operating system (National Govt-19 Population Screening Information System). This gives you access to the results of your experiments. All you have to do is enter the identifiers that were sent during your test. Keep in mind that if you misrepresent them, you can attach them using your “France Connect” credentials, especially the credentials you use on your Amelie Social Security account or tax website. The result certificates can be printed and there will be a QR code on the page. To get your digital health pass directly, you can import them into the TousAntiCovid processor.

Can I get a recovery certificate from Amelie?

No, only the SI-DEP operating system can get test results, positive or negative, so it acts as a certificate to recover its evidence during a positive test. Identifiers for accessing SI-DEP are provided during your test, but for the tax website, you can also use your Ameli identifiers via France Connect.

The document showing your Positive Covit-19 test (more than 11 days and less than 6 months to qualify for the Health Pass) contains the QR code. This QR code should be scanned in the Tous AntiCovid application in the “Tous AntiCovid Carnet” section.

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How long is the Certificate of Recovery from Govt-19 valid?

The recovery certificate is valid for six months after a positive test. Results during the positive test will be stored on the SI-DEP operating system for 6 months.

Can I travel with a certificate of redemption?

Yes, but in France the conditions are much more restricted than the Health Pass, which is valid for activities (access to restaurants, theaters, trains, etc.). The European Health Pass (which can be found under the term “Border Health Pass” on the TousAntiCovid processor) agrees to the recovery certificate, but only by a positive PCR test. The antigen test was not approved and the so-called “for functions” French Sanitary Pass was adopted.