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The first images of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are unbelievable (photos and videos)

The first images of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are unbelievable (photos and videos)

Nicola Leeks

Pixel6 e Pixel 6 Pro They should be the people you see in the picture above. Is at the end of the article Video of First page technology These images come with a gallery of other rendering ads High resolution You can go quietly bored. Do! We are waiting for you. We will see you in the next paragraph, but first look at this in the profile picture.

So, let’s start with the basics: How much can we trust In these films? The answer is complex. Complicated because the leak in question, John Fraser, Which is not always very reliable; Although he predicted some truth about the dates of the latest pixels, he released as well Pixel Watch (Which was never announced), and, for example, i New MacBook Air (Which in turn has not yet been announced).

The point is, we are Doubts, But the images in question remain intact… Google there, it Personally I trust him.

Another important clarification: They are not real pictures, But to rebuild on its basis In the hands of photography On two smartphones: In this way the identity of the source is preserved, but we can still see more truthfully what the two smartphones should look like.

After years of functional design, Google is changing course and doing it in a way Clear and original. Two smartphones with similar lines but different sizes, but this time not just the diagonal of the display to separate them. The Pixel 6 Pro really is 3 rear cameras Against pixel 6 of 2. Not sure if there are any other significant hardware differences. In fact, the suffix “XL” goes away and is replaced by the more fashionable “Pro”, indicating that this is not just a dimensional difference between the two.

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The Bumper The photo field on the back is very unique, undoubtedly printed, and it does a service Break into two colors The back cover of the smartphone. Two pairs of them can be seen above, but there is another variation at the beginning of the Pixel 6 Pro gallery More elegant.

John Froser has no technical details to share: he only has pictures, nothing else. What assures us is that what we see is a very reliable reproduction, including the original Wallpaper On the front, the widget, the clock and even that fingerprint on the screen, it clearly indicates its presence Fingerprint reader under display: First time for pixels.

But remember that, Based on another leak We believe this is reliable, Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro should be the first smartphones Google Silicon, Or with a SoC created by a company like Apple (or even Samsung, what is its value) that has been doing for years.

Combining these three parts of the puzzle (the processor, the new design and the advent of the smartwatch) makes it seem (which is the highlight) It seems, Because we’re talking about Google) Piggy is ready to do this year All in In new pixels; Who are ready Really believe it, Only once. We are not given to know what this means in practice, nor can we assume that the Pixel 6 will come to Italy, the Pixel 5 (And probably 5 a) Did not want to, but no doubt, never wanted this year, Hope that Google. What do you think?

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