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BMW iX to change body color at CES 2022

BMW iX to change body color at CES 2022

Among the innovations that BMW will show during its event CES 2022 Tell Las Vegas In addition to the new iX M60 Equipped with 600 horsepower, an iX Physical work capable of changing color “At the touch of a button”. We have only seen it in James Bond films in the past and, therefore, it has finally come true.

BMW was already anticipating the demonstration of this new technology at CES last December, and at this time it is not yet known whether this will become a business option. In Italy, from a legal point of view, there is no problem as there is maximum freedom in choosing the color of the car and no subsequent changes to the standard should be reported. In other countries, however, there may be legal restrictions.

In a short video posted on Twitter by “Out of Spec Studios” (and reposted by other users on YouTube) you can see the paintwork of the BMW iX changing from white to dark gray. Variation can occur sharply or gradually, as shown in the second video.

There is no information about the operation of this technology, as the user who posted the video said, it will be temperature sensitive. In that case, if there were any problems, BMW would have brought two prototypes with it to Las Vegas.