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How to get 'Fortnight' on an Android

How to get ‘Fortnight’ on an Android

  • Although “Fortnight” cannot be downloaded directly on Android through the Google Play Store, there is a solution.
  • If you have an Android phone, you can download “Fortnight” through the epic game app that you can get directly from their website.
  • Due to the feud between Epic Games and Apple and Google, “Fortnight” is not available for download in any mobile app stores.
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When “Fortnight” first came out in 2017 we had passed the original cross around it, but the reason for that hysteria had not been removed – it was a fun and addictive game.

It’s a good thing that there are so many different ways to play “Fortnight” from epic games – it’s not just on your desktop computer. In addition to being available on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch consoles, you can download “Fordnight” to run on your Android phone.

You can easily run “Fortnight” on your phone no matter what model or operating system you use. However, in the summer of 2020, Epic Games came into conflict with Apple and Google, and as a result, the “Fortnight” application was removed from mobile app stores.

If you have an iPhone, this is where the story ends – you had the app before you removed it from the app store, you’re safe, or you did not. On Android, you have additional options. If you have a Samsung Galaxy, you can download the game from the Galaxy Store. If you have another Android phone, it is not so easy, but has relatively easy workability.

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How To Get ‘Fortnight’ On Your Android

1. In your mobile browser, go to Epic game website Tap the “Download” button to install their app.

How_to_get_Fortnite_on_Android_ _1

Go to and hit the “Download” button.

Melanie Weir / Business Insider

2. For on-screen instructions, wait until the download pop-up appears. When it does, tap “Open” to start installing the app.

How_to_get_Fortnite_on_Android_ _2

Tap on the pop-up to start the installation process.

Melanie Weir / Business Insider

Note: A warning may appear that the file is harmful to your device. It is safe to ignore, in this case – just tap “OK”.

How_to_get_Fortnite_on_Android_ _3

Tap “OK” if a warning appears.

Melanie Weir / Business Insider

3. You may receive another warning that your phone is not allowed to install applications from this source. If this happens, tap “Settings” in the notification.

How_to_get_Fortnite_on_Android_ _4

If you are warned that the app cannot be downloaded, tap “Settings”.

Melanie Weir / Business Insider

You will be taken directly to the appropriate settings page on your phone – change the switch from “Allow from this source” to the “On” position.

How_to_get_Fortnite_on_Android_ _5

Toggle the “Allow from this source” switch.

Melanie Weir / Business Insider

4. Turn to your browser and tap “Install” in the epic game pop-up to start the download. When it’s done, tap “Open”.

How_to_get_Fortnite_on_Android_ _6

Tap “Install” in the pop-up and “Open” when it is done.

Melanie Weir / Business Insider

5. When you open the app, “Fortnight” will be the first game to appear. If it does not, swipe left until you see it. Tap it, then tap “Install”.

How_to_get_Fortnite_on_Android_ _7

When you see the “Fortnight” application, tap “Install”.

Melanie Weir / Business Insider

6. You will see the same pop-up in the third step. Do what is outlined there, and then return to the epic game application. Tap “Install” on the line that comes from “Fortnight” to start downloading the game.

How_to_get_Fortnite_on_Android_ _8

Repeat step three if necessary, then tap “Install” on the line.

Melanie Weir / Business Insider

7. Once the download is complete, another pop-up will notify you that the application has been successfully installed. Go to the app and tap “Open” and start playing.

How_to_get_Fortnite_on_Android_ _9

Tap “Open” when the installation is complete.

Melanie Weir / Business Insider

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