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How to get agility and efficiency through business process management?

How to get agility and efficiency through business process management?

The health crisis highlights the importance of integration within organizations. In order to increase their productivity, maintain their competitiveness and gain efficiency, they need to remove pitfalls and build strong links between their business processes. For small and medium enterprises (SMEs), this can be a daunting task. In its latest guide, CRM Solutions Expert Salesforce It looks back at the obstacles that stand in their way and reveals valuable suggestions for making these changes.

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Within a company, employees can easily organize and execute their work. It includes operational processes and functional workflows that allow them to perform their various tasks effectively. Improper processes and the use of disconnected tools can affect team productivity: According to a study by Planview, companies lose twenty hours a month due to this problem. This refers to seven weeks of work per year.

In the same way

The contextual target consumer is reconciled with advertising

To deal with it, it is necessary to implement business process management and automation strategies and improve the company’s connection with data exploitation.

However, maintaining accurate, up-to-date and centralized data is a real challenge for SMEs. Salesforce reveals that 70% of data generated by companies is unusable due to lack of reliability and trustworthiness.

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Lack of connectivity affects all parts of a company, including customer experience. Since the onset of the health crisis, consumers’ purchasing journey has been mainly online. For companies, this change means being well aware of their new needs, habits and preferences. To help them achieve their customer engagement and sales goals, they have various low cost technology solutions at their fingertips. Nevertheless, many barriers based on preconceived notions prevent SMEs from using it. In this white paperYou will find out how to deal with them to become an affiliated and successful company.

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Link to business processes, significant benefit

With fewer resources than large corporations, SMEs must take advantage of every lever of competitiveness at their disposal, including streamlining and integrating business processes. These components provide many useful benefits to stand out from the competition.

In its guide, the salesforce reveals many things and creates a unique customer experience. The integration of business processes and the integration of data allows each employee to access the history of interactions with the customer. He can access all the data needed to meet his needs such as immediate and personalization of contacts with a company.

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For a company, easy access to this type of information is a significant asset. Sales and customer service teams have a holistic view of consumer preferences and habits and can provide them with an experience that meets their expectations. It offers a variety of opportunities including highly relevant sales and cross sales.

However, in order for data to become an integral part of its future strategies, it needs to develop a data culture within its organization. As the Salesforce points out, Which is a significant challenge: According to a study by Accenture, only a third of companies are confident enough to use their business data. Connected processes and centralized data play an important role in solving this problem. They make it possible to improve the transparency of information, thereby convincing employees of their relevance and facilitating their sharing between different departments. Five additional benefits of incorporating its business processes are identified in this white paper.

In the final section, the salesforce discusses the success of Abr Idéal. SME wants to strengthen its competitiveness, customer relationship and ensure its sustainability. This concrete case is essential for understanding the challenges of integration within an organization and learning about existing solutions.

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To learn the best practices for managing and integrating business processes and becoming an affiliate company, Don’t forget to download the Salesforce Guide.

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