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How to find old block mix

How to find old block mix

Volume Mixer, this panel has compiled all the volume controls for each open application individually, with the ability to create sound in Windows 10, and redesigned it in Windows 11. At one time when it was a standalone application, Microsoft made a very bad decision. Move it to integrate into the application Settings Of Windows 11.

The volume composition thus did not disappear. You can still access it by right-clicking on the volume icon on the taskbar, but it will automatically open the settings of the OS that changed the mixer. It is not really practical if you need frequent access to increase or decrease the amount of open applications individually on your computer.

While waiting for Microsoft to fix this total UI error, a developer noticed a problem and created a small free application to restore the volume mixer in Windows 11 as it was in Windows 10.

Find out more in the video:

1. Download the Classic Volume Mixer

First, download the Classic Volume Mixer. This free application, created by Patrick Johansson, allows you to restore access to the Windows 10 module.

Microsoft Windows 11 does not delete the Windows 10 Volume Mixer executable file in the System 32 directory, the Classic Volume Mixer adds a link to open it from the integrated volume control button on the taskbar.

Download the Classic Volume Mixer

2. Install the application

Once executable file ClassicVolumeMixer.exe Once downloaded to your computer, open it and double-click it to begin its installation. Windows may show a pop-up Windows protects your computer Blocks the program for security reasons. If so, click here More info, Then on the button Tile anyway.

3. Access the volume mix

To access the volume mixer, open the hidden icons drawer. There you should see the new icon with “Fair”. Old school ”Pointing to the loudspeaker.

Just click on this icon. You should see the window of the old Windows Volume Mixer open.

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