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How to enroll for the first time in ballet employment

How to enroll for the first time in ballet employment

After the summer, many French young people are looking for a position at the end of their studies or seasonal workers at the end of their contract. Ballet Employee is trying to streamline the registration process in order to move support quickly.

It’s back to school, and for some, it’s synchronizing with the job search, whether it’s graduation or a seasonal contract. In this context, many people need to register for Pôle employment for the first time. Largely demographic and simplified procedures in recent years.

Have a meeting for five to six days

“The recording is done in three main stages. Everything is done online at the same time, mainly for those who have already worked and require an employer certificate. Its purpose is to resolve the issue of compensation as quickly and efficiently as possible, which often worries people who register. “Once all the departments have entered, from the moment the complex elements are gone, the job seeker receives his registration notice and an estimate of the amount within 24 hours of his payment,” Oliver Zulbert explains.

Within these 24 hours job seekers can access their personal space on the site and thus upload a CV. Finally, at the end of the seizure, he should choose a time for his first physical appointment with a counselor. As Olivier Zulbert underscores, today is “five to six days, sometimes less” to get this interview. In the event of an incomplete file, Pôle Employment usually contacts the newly registered person by phone. “Collecting all of these elements upstream helps you focus on interviewing, not on administrative matters and scholarships, but on supporting job seekers.”