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The beta date at the end of September is a well-known internal forecast

The beta date at the end of September is a well-known internal forecast

There is no back-and-forth about Battlefield 2042 beta date, and it is currently only certain that Battlefield 2042 Beta will take place in September. The only question is when. The answers to this question are now very different and real fan camps have emerged, which strictly follow one of the dates mentioned so far.

Some believe the beta will start this weekend from September 3, 2021. At least that starting date is so recommended Avoidable data leakage During EA Play last July. Others expect the Battlefield 2042 beta to begin next week, among other things, with a major European retailer by date Advertised.

Now another date has been added, from insider Tom Henderson Is developing. According to Henderson, Battlefield will not be available until 2042 Beta 22. September 2021 Occur

Anyway, the late date was yesterday for Tom Henderson Mentioned issues To Andy McNamara, Director of Shooter and Star Wars Communications at DICE and Electronic Arts, you can Takes more timeTo fix things

McNamara followed today, responding somewhat badly, by tweeting from the Funny Official Wars Channel that metaphorically said that we should all be relaxed and that September was finally 30 days away. His Tweet McNamara said everyone at DICE is working “very hard” to create the “best experience”.

We will definitely keep you updated.

Battlefield 2042 October 22, 2021 PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | Released for S and PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Subscribers EA Play & EA Play Pro Battlefield 2042 can be played from October 15, 2021. Learn more about the various Battlefield 2042 versions Here.

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