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How to enable God mode to make the game easier

How to enable God mode to make the game easier

In Hades, you may have noticed the latest rugged masterpiece of Supergiant Games. A difficulty level cannot be selectedTherefore, all players are forced to adapt to the level of challenge designed by the developers to make their product unique and exciting.

Despite this particular feature, there is still a way to make the game a little easier than normal, allowing for even the most rude or titles in general, even for those who are not highly skilled in action, often on multiple topics of the same genre. Enjoy some runs to discover the beautiful universe of Hades. This method is based on the implementation of a specific mode called the divine method (Known as the God method in English)This will allow you to immediately get some bonuses that can increase over time based on your actions and your progress within the game.

In particular, by activating the divine mode You will minimize the damage you take from your enemies’ victories An excellent 20%, a figure that increases by a further 2% whenever you die in divine mode: this 2% bonus will remain overall until you reach the initial 20% Maximum reduction 80%A bonus that allows you to face any opponent or boss in the game very easily and safely.

It should be noted, however, that you must decide to disable the divine mode for a period of time. Until then the accumulated damage reduction percentage will not be lost And it will not be reset to the initial 20%. To be clear, if you keep the mode active for a certain period of time, the overall bonus is a 40% damage reduction, and then if you disable the divine mode, this percentage is the starting percentage. For the subsequent operation of the God mode.

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To enable Divine Mode, all you have to do is go to the Game Settings menu Select the exclusive option: In particular, even during conflict, the game can be played at any time marked, then immediately disable it and enjoy the gaming experience as designed by the developers. Alternatively, you can always decide to use Divine Mode to make it easier for you during game sessions to unlock new weapons and armor skins.Arthur’s appearance to Styx Blade OlGilgamesh’s look for double fists.