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The protagonist of NieR Gestalt may be included -

Cain and Near’s Copyplay from Near Replicant, Sydefox and Shunzukos – Nert 4.Life

Let’s go to parts of Nier Replicant Remake, or NieR Replicant ver. 1.22474487139, with this fantastic gossip of Syatefox and Shunzukokos playing together, with remarkable fidelity to Cain and Near.

The Double Cosplay, released during the game’s release last April, really draws attention to the extension of the costumes and the hairstyles and remodeling of the scene.

Beyond being the best breed of Cain by Sidefox, it is very similar to the original, but somehow slightly elevated, considering the size of the cosplay we have already seen in question, the perception of Shunsukokosal is very similar to that of the protagonist game.

“Here’s a photo of Shunzukokos as a small celebration and I am Near and Cain,” Syatefox said in the description of the photos, which you can see below. “I honestly never thought we could release it because we weren’t so happy with our outfits. Also note that we took this picture before the remake was announced! I decided I did something that froze my butt in this dress, aha!”

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