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Starling: Encourages users with illegal downloads

SpaceX, a space company founded by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, wants to make its Internet available worldwide in the future using the Starling satellite service. When it comes to downloads, the company doesn’t seem so unlimited. According to the technical portal Middle A US user has discovered that a new Internet provider is taking action against illegal downloading of protected content. According to the report, the customer had been illegally downloading movies and programs from the network for two months. Although nothing happened at first, a download finally triggered a warning from Starling.

To keep the Starling satellites from escaping Earth’s orbit, SpaceX uses locally built Falcon 9 rockets.

Starling threatens controls

The user who simply describes the download as a “CBS show” guesses, “I’m finally downloaded something from a Fortune 500 company, and my guess is that it was. In the message sent, Starling threatens to suspend or suspend Internet service if illegal downloads are not stopped. Interesting thing: The user wanted to test out of pure curiosity how the company would react to prohibited behavior. Therefore, he took no action to conceal his identity. According to the “medium”, this is possible with the help of virtual private network services (VPN). You will encrypt the connection so that the ISP can no longer sign in to traffic.

Proceed with the trick

Therefore, it is conceivable that the user concerned may use the trick to download illegal content even after the alert. However, downloading protected content without authorization is a criminal offense that should be avoided in any case.

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