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How to Download Your Vaccine Certificate

How to Download Your Vaccine Certificate

The site for retrieving your vaccine certificate is online. “From May 27, 2021, all beneficiaries of a French health insurance plan will be able to obtain their certified vaccination certificate independently and safely,” he said. Refers to health insurance on its site.

This certificate is given in paper form to everyone who has been vaccinated since May 3, which acts as a medical certificate proving your vaccination. If you lost it, or were vaccinated before May 3, you can retrieve it at the site created for this occasion by health insurance. As part of the health pass, it is necessary to go or travel to certain places.

The dedicated service, which can be accessed from a computer, tablet or smartphone, requires a connection using France Connect, a service that allows French people to identify themselves using connection identifiers already used in other online public services. You can retrieve a PDF copy of your certificate and then save it to your various devices. This certificate also contains a QR code that can be scanned using the TousAntiCovid tracking application to locate your vaccine record electronically. Here’s how to get it.

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1. Connect with a dedicated site

Launch your web browser, go to and click the button Connect France.

To connect, this service allows you to go through the France Connect tool, which allows you to use the link identifiers you already have for other online public services, such as the Amelie.FR or the Imports website.

On the following page, click on the service you wish to use to link to a site that allows you to retrieve your vaccination certificate. Enter your username and password and confirm the link.

Once connected, verify that the name displayed is yours (you do not know), click the button Continue on Vaccination Certification – Health Insurance.

2. Download your certificate

Now click on my vaccination certificate to download your document in PDF format. You can now safely store this file on your computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. or send it to you by email for easy retrieval and delivery to the appropriate authorities when needed.

Keep in mind that you will have a vaccination certificate for each dose given. If you want to download a second certificate after your second dose, you will need to restart the process.

3. Import your vaccination certificate at TousAntiCovid

If you use the TousAntiCovid app on Android or iOS, you can import your vaccination certificate to always have on hand in your virtual vaccination record.

To do this, open TousAntiCovid on your smartphone, scroll through the options, and then in the section Certificates & Notebook, Press My notebook, Then Include vaccination certificate.

The camera of your smartphone is triggered. Scan the QR code displayed to the right of the PDF certificate you previously downloaded.

Your certificate is now registered in the Integrated Electronic Vaccine Register at TousAntiCovid. You do not need to keep a paper document with you at all times. In the event of a check, you must provide it directly from TousAntiCovid, in this form, to prove that you have been vaccinated.

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