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How To Download Warzone Pacific On PC

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Call of duty

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How to download Warzone Pacific on PC is something that many people are wondering about now because gamers can immerse themselves in Caldera and its integrated Vanguard content for the first time.

For those who want to experience one of the most popular free titles of the Battle Royale genre, here is the detail on how to download Warzone Pacific on PC.

First, since all Call of Duty titles are exclusively available on PC with the launcher, players must first install the launcher from the Blizzard website. Launcher is used to install and run other Activision Blizzard PC titles from Hearthstone to Overwatch.

Once the Launcher is ready and players get their BattleTag tag with PlayStation and Xbox accounts linked to PlayStation and Xbox accounts, you can easily find the Warzone Pacific in the Game Catalog of the app.

From there, download and install the game, you can go.

This is definitely an interesting endeavor for PC gamers who have not played Warzone Pacific before, with the title launching its Ricochet Anti-Cheat Kernel-Level PC driver and Caldera’s new flagship card.

Call of Duty: For more information on Warson Pacific, see our guide on how to display Ping & FPS and Caldera bunker and hatch locations.

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