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How To Download Rainbow Six Siege On PS5

How To Download Rainbow Six Siege On PS5 | Photo courtesy of Ubisoft

With six invitations in the corner, this is the perfect time for players to download Rainbow Six Siege on the PS5. In fact, Rainbow Six Siege is easy to download. Here’s a quick guide on how to download Rainbow Six Siege on PS5.

The process is much easier if you already have the game on the PS4. On PS5, players can download Rainbow 6 Siege by entering a copy of their body disk. Players are worried about starting their game from the beginning and players can link their accounts between embassies via Ubisoft link.

With the launch of the Rainbow Six Siege for the first time on PS5, players will be asked to fill out information for their Ubisoft account. Players must also have the option to upgrade from PS4 to PS5 to link their account. Verify your account information, and when updated, Ubisoft will link your accounts.

This will definitely not work on the PS5 digital version. As for the digital version, players will have to buy the game a second time. On the plus side, players can still easily link their accounts.

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