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Sports video shows the city of Santo Ileso -

Sports video shows the city of Santo Ileso –

Sports Informer a Saints series video gameRelaunch of the Volition Action Game Saga. The trailer shows us driving sections and some surveys of the city, Holy harmlessThis is the background of these new adventures.

The Description of the game video In Game Informer’s translation, “Saint Rowe’s relaunch is set to become one of the most anticipated games of early 2022, and as part of our exclusive coverage month, we’re sharing the world’s first look at Santo Iloso’s unprecedented game! The bustling city streets and neon-light alleys – its vibrant locations explored by car, motorcycle, wing suit and more.

What is on display in Saint Row is a “Game Before Alpha Presented by Deep Silver and represents a game still in development. “Therefore, the graphics are not considered to be solid or representative of the final product: in other words, it will be even better compared to what is shown.

The game video does not show real action scenes, but it still allows you to get an idea of ​​the style Order of the Saints This, at first glance, did not impress fans of the original story.

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