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How To Download Photos From Google Drive From Your iPhone

How To Download Photos From Google Drive From Your iPhone

Discover how to upload photos stored on your Google Drive account from your iPhone.

On the iPhone, you must use the “Send Copy” option to upload a photo from Google Drive. © Thomas Tudor –

Uploading a photo stored in Google Drive via computer A photo, open the photo and click the upload icon in the upper right. On the iPhone, in the exclusive app, there is no highlight download button. Step by step find out how to easily download your photos from Google Drive to your iPhone.

How To Upload Photo Stored On Google Drive With iPhone

1. Open the Google Drive app,

2. Tap the photo of your choice to open,

3. Press the 3 small dots located on the top right,

4. Select the option Send a copy,

5. Opens a window with different partitioning options. By scrolling down the screen, you can press Save the image,

6. The downloaded photo can be found in your gallery Photos.

Note: If you want to download .pdf or .txt files, you may not have the option to save as photos, but you can copy the document or share it in your messages via other applications (News, Mail, WhatsApp, Messenger…).

Steps to download a photo from your iPhone to Google Drive. © P.T.M.

How to upload multiple photos at once in Google Drive

On the iPhone, it is not possible to download multiple photos at once, you just need to repeat the process described above for each photo you want to download. If you select multiple photos, Google Drive offers only the following options: add to favorites, make available offline, move or delete photos in another folder.

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However, if you have a lot of photos to upload, it’s a good idea to link to your Google Drive account on your computer using a web browser. In fact, you can select a large number of photos via the desktop, right-click and click Download. Your photos will be downloaded to the .zip folder. All you have to do is right click on this .zip folder and select it Split all … Recover all your photos.

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