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How to download or export photos and videos from Google Photos

Issued by: Tech Desk | New Delhi |

Updated: November 15, 2020 12:06:18 PM

From June 1, 2021, all your photos or videos will be counted to 15GB of free storage on each Google Account.

Google announced on Wednesday that it was changing the policy of offering free unlimited storage service. From June 1, 2021, the company will ask users to pay for the service if it exceeds the 15GB storage cap. The price of 100GB of storage is Rs 130 or Rs 1,300 per month. So, if you do not want to pay for the service and plan to switch to any other service, you may want all your data from Google. To do this, you need to visit the Google Takeout site. Read on to learn more about this.

What is Google Takeout?

Google Takeout is a service that helps you retrieve all the data you have stored in your Google Account. You can download all your data at once from here. So you can download your contacts, Google Drive files, YouTube videos you watch and everything related to your Google Account from here. All data from here can be easily backed up so that your Google Account is not compromised. However, keep in mind that albums cannot be filtered when exporting photos or videos. You will be allowed to select or deselect the dates of the photos you want to export.

Google Photos: How to export photos and videos

Step 1: Make sure you are signed in to your Google Account. Now, you should visit “ for exporting all your data held by Google.

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Step 2: When the site opens, click on the “Delete All” option.

Step 3: Scroll down> Select Google Photos> Scroll down> Click on the next step.

Step 4: In the frequency option, you get two options including one time export and you ship every two months for a year. You need to choose between .zip files and .tgz files. Google allows you to select available file sizes up to 50GB. When done, press Export to create. Google will send an email to your account to verify. The message reads “Google data archive requested.”

You will be allowed to add your files directly to Google Drive, Dropbox, OnDrive or Box. It may take Google a few hours or a few days for the export process to begin, but it depends on how much Google tells you to download. In the end, the search agent will email you that the data is ready to download.

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