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The Microsoft Surface Dio Android November update is now available for download

The Microsoft Surface Dio Android November update is now available for download

The Surface Dio is the first Android device in Microsoft’s history, and according to Google’s release strategy for its mobile operating system, the company is committed to monthly updates.

As a result, Microsoft releases new updates for the Surface Duo every month, and the November 2020 update package is now available for download.

The November 2020 Microsoft Surface Dio update comes in a 137MB package, which increases the build number to 2020.1014.61.

Needless to say it comes with all the security upgrades that were part of the November 2020 Android Security Connection level, so all fixes sent to Google Pixel devices earlier this month are now available to Microsoft users.

In addition, the new Surface Dio update improves camera image quality, as well as touch and device stability, according to Microsoft. Lastly, not least, the Redmond-based software company says the update improves the experience of moving or rejecting applications as they spread across both screens.

Microsoft Surface Dio

Surface Duos continues to be available exclusively in the United States, and those close to the subject said Microsoft will reconsider its plans for market availability in early 2021.

In other words, it is time for the software company to finally decide whether to bring the surface duo to international markets or exclusively to the United States.

Meanwhile, the Redmond-based software company is already operating on the second-generation Surface Dio, which is expected to go live during the 2021 holiday season. This new device is expected to solve its key issues with the first generation, including the latest mobile processor available in the introduction, including outdated hardware.

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