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temptation island 2021 floriana federico insieme falò di confronto

Temptation Island: Are Floriana and Federico going out together after the third fire? Video

The future of Floriana and Federico Temptation Island 2021, Unexpected innovations can be assigned to the public at home; The couple, in fact, will have a third fire to compare in the next episode: Will they reunite? Let’s find out what happened.

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Floriana and Federico: What happened last night?

During last night’s episode Temptation Island, Floriana demands two initial comparative fires after seeing pictures of his fianc மனைவிe Federico and associated Single Vincenzo.

Federico decides to deny the first fire and leaves the woman waiting for her for more than an hour. Floriana then returns to her village.

As soon as the missed fire broke out, Floria had no doubt and wanted to end her relationship. Federico. Instead, he seems to regret what he did during Temptation Island. But after a few hours he changes the record and triggers himself.

Comparative fire

After the eleventh pictures of her boyfriend Federico Single Vincenzo a Trigger Island, Floriana decides to ask for comparative fire again. This time, Federico suffers from accepting his girlfriend’s anger and frustration, not allowing him a chance to heal.

In the midst of the visitors’ ovulation at home, Floriana decides to interrupt her path a Trigger Island And his relationship with Federico: But expectations set aside an unexpected turn …

Expectations: Are Floriana and Federico going out together?

According to the previews of the next chapter of Temptation Island 2021, Federico will decide to play all out to beat Floriana again. The boyfriend, in fact, will need a third confrontation fire to apologize and declare his love to the woman again. Will Floriana introduce itself?

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