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How to download Green Pass: Get it in 5 steps on your smartphone or paper

How to download Green Pass: Get it in 5 steps on your smartphone or paper

From August 6 Green bass like mask can be an essential tool for accessing many functions, especially indoors. This is a Certificate in digital and printable form issued by the site of the Ministry of Health It has a QR code to verify its validity and authenticity. All information and actions to be taken are in the appropriate section Website of the Ministry of Health. Below is an easy guide on how to download and place a green certificate.

What is a Green Pass?

That’s one Digital and Printed Certificate (Paper), In which a Two dimensional barcode (QR code) and qualified electronic logo. In Italy, it is provided only through the national site of the Ministry of Health. The certificate confirms one of the following conditions: The Covit-19 vaccine (given in Italy at the first dose and at the end of the vaccine cycle), be negative for molecular or rapid antigen testing within the last 48 hours, Covit-19 can be cured in the last six months. The certificate is free to all, in paper or digital form and valid for all EU countries and the Schengen area.

Where is the Green Pass needed?

To access civil and religious ceremonies, nursing homes, or other facilities, enter and exit areas classified as “yellow zone”, “red zone” or “orange zone” Covit-19 Green Certificate is required in Italy.

Since August 6th It will be used to login For any type of restaurant service at the table, Concerts, Events and Sports, Museums, Companies and Cultural Venues, Swimming Pools, Gymnasiums, Health Centers, Exhibitions, Festivals, Conferences and Conferences, Spas, Theme and Amusement Parks, Cultural and Entertainment Centers, Sports Rooms and Casinos, Public Matches.

From July 1, the Covit-19 Green Certificate will be valid as the EU Digital Covid Certificate and will facilitate access to the EU and the Schengen area and to all countries.. Covit-19 can travel in Europe without a Green Certificate until August 12. The same certification and criteria apply to these certificates as the Green Certificate.

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Certificate This is not a travel document. Scientific evidence of vaccination, testing and recovery from COVID-19 is constantly evolving, and new variants of the virus are being considered. Before traveling, check the public health practices used at the destination and related restrictions.

How do I download Green Pass?

There are Five Different Ways to Download Green Pass, With or without digital identification (SPIT or CI), independently or with the assistance of a third party.

Through the government site

On Government site After signing in with your own Evidence of Spit or Psy, You can get Govit-19 Green Certificate with simple guided steps.

If you do not have SPIT or C The same site can identify itself with a health card or identification document. Enter the health card: and the last 8 digits of your health card identification number, expiration date, one of the unique codes or Molecular Swap (CUN) or Quick Antigenic Swap (NRFE), or Cure Certificate (NUCG).

As an alternative to these codes, you can enter Authorization Code (AUTHCODE) Received Email or SMS to the addresses you have contacted during the health service.

If you do not have a health card because you are not registered with SSN, When activating the wipe on the same site or curing certificate, its expiration date, one of the unique codes obtained or enter the type and number of the document you provided with the molecular wipe (CUN) or quick antigenic. Swap (NRFE), or Cure Certificate (NUCG). As an alternative to these codes, you can enter the authorization code (autocode) obtained by email or SMS for the contact details you provided during the health service.

If you are not registered with the National Health Service But if you have been vaccinated in Italy, enter the tax code or identification provided by Sistema DS to access the date of vaccination and last vaccination in Italy.

Via Electronic Health File

You can get the green COVID-19 certificate by accessing it soon Electronic health registration, As provided in your help section. Covit-19 Green Certificate is available in downloadable and printable format (PDF).

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By the Immune App

You can use this to get the COVID-19 Green CertificateImmune use The “EU Digital Govt Certificate” is visible on the APP’s opening screen through the appropriate section. To obtain the Covit-19 Green Certificate you must enter: the last 8 digits of the ID number of the health card, its expiration date, CUN or one of the unique codes obtained by rapid antigen wipe (NRFE) or Cure Certificate (NUCG).

As an alternative to these codes, you can enter the authorization code (autocode) obtained by email or SMS for the contact details you provided during the health service. The green COVID-19 certificate is displayed on the screen and the QR code is stored on the mobile device so that it can be viewed and displayed even in offline mode.

By App IO

Can be obtained using Govit-19 Green CertificateApp IO, Receiving a message directly each time the National Platform issues a certificate in your name. Once you open the message, the app will show you the QR code and your certificate data, which you can display directly from IO.

You can store the certificate with its QR code in the local memory of your mobile device so it can be easily displayed even without an internet connection. Therefore, you do not need to ask for certification or enter codes or other data: it is enough to log in to the processor at least once with SPID or CIE.

By family doctor, pediatrician or pharmacist

The doctor and pharmacist can recover your COVID-19 Green Certificate by accessing the health card system with their credentials. They will need your tax code and the health card data you need to show. Covit-19 Green Certificate will be issued to you in paper or digital format.

What to do for those who do not have a Green Pass (children and excluded subjects)?

COVID-19 green certification is not required for children under the age of one who are excluded from the vaccination campaign and for subjects excluded on the basis of appropriate medical certification. A unique digital certificate will be created for these people. Until it is available, you can use what is provided in paper form.

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How to recover it if autocode does not come via SMS?

If you meet the requirements for the Covit-19 Green Certificate and you do not receive SMS or email or have lost them, you can retrieve your code immediately and freely with the new processor starting July 30th. Enter your tax code, the last 8 digits of the health card and the date of the event that created the green certificate (for the last vaccine or swap collection date or cure certificates, the first tampon molecule positive date). Once you have received the AUTHCODE, you can download the certificate with the health card or AppImmuni from this site: Opening a new window

How to Get Paper Green Pass?

If you do not have digital tools, you can retrieve the certificate in digital and paper version With a health card and with the help of an intermediary: General Practitioner, Free Exam Pediatrician, Pharmacist. Certification is free to all, available in Italian and English, and in areas where bilingualism is practiced, in French or German.

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