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Four astronauts with "Crew Dragon" on the way to ISS

Four astronauts with “Crew Dragon” on the way to ISS

Cape Canaveral. Three men and a woman aboard the International Space Station aboard the private space agency SpaceX’s “Crew Dragon”. SpaceX and US space agency NASA announced on Friday morning (local time) that the four astronauts were launched with the help of a Falcon 9 missile from Cape Canaveral space in the US state of Florida. Due to bad weather forecasts, it was originally scheduled for Thursday Start postponing to Friday. Four astronauts were shot dead by ISS on Saturday.

“Crew-2” features two American astronauts, Shane Kimbero and Megan McArthur, and their Japanese counterparts, Akihiko Hosheit and Frenchman Thomas Baskett. Pesket was the first astronaut to fly to the ISS aboard the “Crew Dragon” from the European space agency ISA.

On the way to ISS: members of the SpaceX spacecraft “Crew Dragon”, European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Thomas Pesket, Megan McArthur, NASA astronaut Shane Kimbero, NASA astronaut and Japanese astronaut Akihiko Hoshie ( JAA, from left). © Quell: Unauthorized / SpaceX / AB / DPA

The arrival of the first group was immediate

This is the second group to be promoted from SpaceX to ISS. The first – American astronauts Michael Hopkins, Victor Clover and Shannon Walker, and their Japanese counterpart Sochi Nokuchi – landed in ISS in November. They are scheduled to return to Earth by the end of April.

After successfully completing a man test last spring, ISS with “Crew Dragon” After a gap of nearly nine years, this is the first time astronauts have returned to orbit from American soil – the first time they have been promoted by a private space agency. SpaceX previously only carried cargo to the ISS.

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